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Reduce stress and grief + Increase public participation  . . . . . . . . . . .


Step 1: Stakeholders Interviews output

Step 2: Gathering Information

What kind of feelings, behaviors, problems, situations, and needs Does it affect our goals? it is the first question that I need to answer it.

to answer this question I used international surveys, collecting information from past researches, get data from international institutes that focused on humanity, also a lot of user interviews from all around the world and talking with society professionals.

then I had to categorize all the information to grouping people depend on different factors and domains.

For example, several factors can affect social stress: economic instability, political instability, freedom of speech and criticism, national colors, and religious symbols that can have huge effects on, developing or underdeveloped countries.

Step 3: Categorize users depends on factors

People talk about different topics. to arrange the topics and also to put each conversation in the right and related topic or to connect different topics together, many algorithms are needed. so that it can be done based on the user and the conversation and with the help of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning getting things to organize or making the necessary connections.

  • Measuring prosperity
Measuring prosperity
  • Homicide
  • Gender Equality
Gender Equality
  • The intensity of Internal Conflict
Intensity of Internal Conflict
  • Prosperity

and more…

Step 4: Focus Groups

for different user categories we need focus groups and for saving time and resources we got help from focus groups to creating user journey map and personas buy teaching them to understand what are they.

How to reach the goals:

Step 5: Sketching & Wireframing app ideas

Sketching for different devices

*in Progress ……